Cupid Shot You !!! Get Valentines Day Ready!!!

It's that time of year again! Love is in the air and cupid has shot you! Yes, You!  Now all you need is the perfect look right??? So, why not shop our haute and effortlessly sexy and chic looks.  Not sure which look is the best look for your day? Well, we decided to share some of our looks with you to help you decide on the perfect Valentine's Day look.

The First Date:

You definitely want to make a statement but, not to much that you scare your "love"interests away! Try "Lady Danger" Tunic, it can be worn as a top or dress so you'll have options depending on your style choice for that special day/night.  Checkout a few of our favorite looks!

Pairs well over a pair of leggings, jeggings, or tights for a cute and comfy look! or wear as a dress! This tunic top is so versatile!


New Relationship Date Night:

You definitely don't want to appear to be trying to hard on this one but, still offer some eye candy (on top of the amazing personality).  Try this look!

"Lady Love" Set 

This is the tunic top of a pants set is a great option for a weekend valentine's day trip for two! Offering so much versatility and styling options you have just enough outfit pairings options to last you through the weekend. Here are a few styling options.



Girls Night Out

Now is your chance gorgeous! Pull out your best heels and accessories and Put on "Picasso" and your done! Just that easy..make sure you focus all your time and attention on enjoying yourself with your girls.  Happy girls are the prettiest!


Your set! Now here's a special gift just for you! 


 Blind Date:

Now this one is tricky! Don't try to hard but, don't down play to much either.  Try our "My Valentine" Lace top.  This top is perfect paired under a blazer or with a full coverage cami underneath to leave something to their imagination (Key)!



Enjoy 15% Off Discount  (CODE: BEMINE15) just because we thing your amazingly stunning! Happy Valentine's Day!  




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