Our Story

With a passion for true On-The-Go fashion Lady L Boutique currates all products to look good and to be used on a daily basis with a mission to inspire mothers to live boldly with quality fashion that inspires them. This is why quality in your shopping experience and fashion is the cornerstone of our boutique.

As a mom who also has personal goals in life it can be difficult maintaining balance or even finding the time at all to apply the effort and drive we once had to achieve them, not to mention even have the time to be a fashion forward fashionista everyday.  

Being a mother of two LO’s, a wife, owner of a clothing boutique, and a lifestyle and beauty blogger; I had come to the real life conclusion that no matter what struggles, dreams, or goals I had I was not going to lose myself.  Knowing this I had to make some real changes in terms of my lifestyle and adapt to the life I was blessed with. The one true way to do that was to stay true to all the things I loved, lived, & breathed.  

That’s when I decided that I was not going to be limited to the stereotypical "SAHM" wardrobe of activewear, basic tee, mom jeans, no time for makeup, and basic cap lifestyle.  I was determined that if I did not stay true to “All” things that make me feel beautiful I would lose a small part of who I was and truly am today.  The woman I have become and am continuing to become is nothing short of a strong, inspiring, and capable mompreneur striving to inspire all women that they can be and do anything in style!                                  

-Lady L 

Our Mission
Our Purpose

When it comes to fashion it’s all about convienence, comfort, and style! When your a busy mom who barely has time to do much of anything fashion related it can seem a little overzealous to even fathom making time to put on an outfit outside of your normal day to day ensemble of lounge wear.

So, trust us we get it and have struggle days.  Lady L Boutique wants to encourage and inspire your style to be just that “your” style..dress according to your comfort and lifestyle with a new way to shop for your lifestyle.

Trying to wear fashion that is not going to make you feel at your best is just not worth the hassle.  This is why we created a shopping experience to encourage a “Fashion Ready and On-The-Go Wardrobe”.